Who am I?


I am a Filmmaker, Visual Artist and Sound Designer from Mexico City. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and Digital Art with a minor in Visual Effects from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, a MFA in Film Production from Full Sail University and a Diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media from Vancouver Film School. I'm passionate about making films. My main interests now are Location Sound, Dialogue Editing, Dial Re-recorder mixer and Postproduction for Visual Media. 

I had produced, edited, designed visual effects and sound for more than 10 films.

I was the production designer for the short film “Tick”, wrote, edited, and created visual effects for my short film “Stolen Glances”, designed sound for the short film “Checklist", created visual effects for the thesis film “Magic Mouse”, a nominated College Television Award short film and  winner of the Best Long Form (Fiction) and Best Graphics in the Regional Emmy Awards (Suncoast Chapter) and the actress and re-recording mixer of the short film "Laundry", with an Honorable Mention for Editing in the Regional Emmy Awards (Suncoast Chapter).

I was the Production Sound Mixer of the thesis film "5K" and sound utility of the thesis film "Heavy Rain". I was the head of the make-up department for the thesis films “Seven Minutes”, "Turtle Love" and "Rubbish". I also designed the motion graphics for the thesis films "Rubbish", "Turtle Love", and "D20".

I was the Production Sound Mixer, editor and designed the visual effects of my thesis film, produced at Full Sail University. I made sure that the dialogue recorded during filming was clear, advised on retakes, and managed the boom operator and sound utility. 

Upon graduation from Full Sail, I was the recipient of the Advanced Achievement Award and was named Salutatorian of my graduating class. I, also received the Full Sail University Course Director Award for the Business of Film class.

During my time at Vancouver Film School, I was the Sound Mixer for 2 episodes (‘Easy Money’) in collaboration with the Film Campus, edited dialogue for episode 2 and recorded ADR. Also, edited dialogue for the second episode of another show (‘Scalper’) and ADR, and I was the Dialogue re-recording mixer of the pilot.

I worked with the Game Campus on the game Ready Go Battle with 3 other classmates, which is a 2.5D couch multiplayer game where I was a the Dialogue Editor, ADR Recordist and Sound Designer.

I'm determined to put all my skills and passion to make films around the world.


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